1. What if I don't like online payments?

Drop us an email fiona@clipclop.co.za and we'll communicate directly

2. Courier costs to areas not specified?

Drop us an email fiona@clipclop.co.za -  prices vary; we can give you a more accurate quote and process your order directly

3. What is the best way to flatten a poster?

Leave it under a pile of books for a few hours, or hang it on a slider and watch the year unwind:

4. Where does Clip Clop print and assemble product?

All of our product is designed, printed and packaged in Cape Town, South Africa.

5. Does Africa Moon "work" in the northern hemisphere?

Yes, Africa sits squarely on the equator and, more importantly, the moon rises in the east.  If you travel with your poster far to the east or west you may find that a Full Moon will hop into the next day (but not by more than 12 hours).

6. Does the tide chart work outside of Durban and Cape Town?

Yes, the southern African coastline is quite simple in a bathymetric manner and tides seldom vary by more than half and hour from east to west.  Wind and river flow will have local effects.

7. Where can we purchase Clip Clop kit in the real world?

If you're in Cape Town, pop in and visit us (16 Cecil St Claremont), otherwise let us know where you are (fiona@clipclop.co.za) and we'll direct you to the closest outlet.  

8.  Can you make your Clip Clop products extra-special 'specially for me and/or my business?

Yes we can customise all our products --- contact us.

9.  What must we do when our calendars run out of time?

Well, re-order of course ;-)   or you could just:

10.  Do you do wholesale?

 Yes for sure! Please be iin touch. We have easy terms and flexible minimum quantities.