Chris Berens & Fiona Berrisford come from a background of mapping & mosaics and went off on a tangent with Africa Moon, first produced for the year 2000.  Since then they have produced 3 children and a range of naturally south African posters, calendars, maps, note pads, gift stickers, tags and fridge magnets, all inspired by the living world around us.  Chris now spends most of his time doing GIS and ICT work for VPUU (Violence Prevention through Urban Upgrade)

Our office is in our home and the "shop" (storage container) is in the garden. We have built a new workshop with a studio apartment to rent upstairs (check out 1 Vista Studio Apartment on Airbnb). Work, play, family and adventure all mix together with the aim of having fun while treading gently.

We are assisted by Thembela Faniso, the person who will very carefully and neatly pack your order or greet you at the gate or play soccer with the children.

The Family Calendar illustrations were originally the work of artist Sheila Petousis. We enjoy re-working her animals onto stickers, notepads and magnets. In 2018 we re-connected with Peter Hudson (he designed our original logo). He has made us a "loving the living world around us" story picture and breathed new life into the logo. We have been fortunate to use some illustrations by Georgie Berens and Theodore Key for our notepads (fish, whales and butterflies). The flowers and other wild life are by Fiona.


Clip Clop can create customised content, making things bigger, smaller, adding names and colours; contact us with your wishes.

Based in Cape Town, on the southern tip of Africa, gives us food for thought and deed.  Cape Town is situated in the Cape Floristic Region, the smallest of the plant kingdoms, but also the most diverse.  We love love love our fynbos.

Along with the flora come the animals that surround them, and us with a sense of scale and wonder.

We love our natural world around us but equally we're inspired by the people of our land. 

Clip Clop, loving the living world around us.

some mosaic projects from our past